O is for Oops!

Oops! is a word I hear a lot. Especially since Truman has joined the family.

Oops! is a nice way to let someone know something has gone wrong.

Oops! Truman fell down.
Oops! Truman dropped the ball.
Oops! Truman didn't make it to his designated potty spot in time.

Well, you get the idea.

What are some of the Oops! in your life?

Until next time......
Your Friend,

N is for Nature

According to Webster's nature is: features and products of the earth including plants, animals and the landscape.

In Alaska nature seems to be bigger, bolder and wilder than in other places I have lived.
When I go outside into my yard there is a good chance that I will see a bear; other places I lived I only saw squirrels!
When I take my walk on the beach I have to walk through streams, climb over rocks, and avoid the dead salmon and crab.
When I lie by the sliding glass door I can look out and see mountains. I also see trees, VERY big trees often with an eagle or two perched in them. Quite different from the songbirds I used to watch in Virginia!

It is a good thing that I am a nature loving kind of dog because .......it is all around me!

Until next time -
Your Friend,