Family Dog Club

Agility classes began again last week at the Family Dog Club. I am a dues paying member of the club, so I like to take advantage of all it has to offer. Because I was on the Northwest book tour with Trish earlier this year AND because it has been summer and too hot for someone who wears a permanent fur coat, I had not been to Club for 6 months! Being the natural athlete that I am I was not worried about getting back into the jumping and climbing and crawling that agility requires.

Sure enough, first class back it was like I had never missed a day. Rita had set up a 30 obstacle course and I did it withot any errors.........unfortunately Bud, my agility partner, made an error and that caused me to miss a jump. BUT I don't consider it MY error - it's all on Bud!

My favorite obstacles are the climb and the dog walk. These obstacles take me up high over the agility field, so I take my time and let everyone get a good look at me. Sometimes I even stop in the middle of the dog walk just so everyone can get a gander. This always results in Buddy hollering at me to hurry up, which I just don't understand. I am all about the showmanship!

The Life of a Spokesmodel

Happy September 1st everyone!

I finished off my August with a special appearance at the Chesapeake Square Mall. That's right, I am a dog with a job. The official spokesmodel for Black Plume Books to be exact.

I went with Trish as she signed her books at the Waldenbooks. My job is to charm the customers by prancing about winningly and flashing my sparkling smile. It's a no fail combination that always draws people over to our table. Then I seal the deal by allowing them to pet me. Putty, they become putty in my paws I tell you!

This does not always translate in to book sales, but I figure that is Trish's area. I'm only one small dog after all - I can't do everything!!!!